Wednesday, May 17, 2006

The PAP Parrot speaks again

Have you noticed the PAP Parrot speaking again?

This time, he comes in the form of Mr Eric Low the defeated candidate in Hougang.

Asked about what he thought of the election results, he said residents were worried about the PAP winning all 84 seats. "Hougang voters may not have rejected what I did for them at a local level, but they did not want the PAP to win all wards."

Besides, he added, "Mr Low Thia Khiang was the leader of a fairly credible team this time round, and he contested on a platform of national issues."

Hmmm.... didn't the PM and the SM say exactly the same things just a few days ago?

I told you so... the PAP is made up of men and women who only parrot what their bosses say.

Where is their independence of thought and views?

Monday, May 15, 2006

Inflexible PAP government

All Singaporeans have had experiences of how inflexible the PAP government can be. But this story about a violin protege really takes the cake!

Schoolboy violinist Ike See is 17. He has obtained six music diplomas, all with distinctions and was the National Violin Champion in three categories.

Ike has been awarded a scholarship worth about US$28,500 a year at Curtis Institute of Music, one of the top music colleges in the USA. But Mindef says he must do his national service first. That's two years when he could have been groomed to be one of Singapore's top violinists!

Mindef says it is acting on the principle of universal equality!

I say that is balderdash! Rubbish!

What equality is Mindef and the PAP talking about when we can see with our eyes that there is no equality in Singapore. The PAP treats Opposition wards unequally with PAP wards.

You call that universal equality?

I say to Mindef: Don't ruin a boy's future career just because you have such inflexible rules and regulations. Give that boy a chance.

It's good for Singapore, especially when we are talking about being a more creative society.

Wake up, Mindef. Get some culture!

Remember George Yeo's words in five years!

"Many Singaporeans would not want an outcome where the PAP won all 84 seats. They don't think it's healthy. In fact, I share that view too. It wouldn't be healthy."

Singaporeans must remember what the Foreign Minister BG George Yeo says at the next election. The minister gave his views to journalists after touring Aljunied GRC to express his and his team's appreciation for winning the constituency against the Workers' Party.

But his view is typical of the PAP. They have EXCELLENT hindsight; they can make commonsense pronouncements only AFTER the fact. During the elections, we have seen how the PAP makes judgments, criticisms, allegations and comments that are laughable. I am sure they know it, but insist they are right.

After the fight is all over, then they begin to make better sense. Like George Yeo.

Here's what he said yesterday about the Gomez affair: "When we went around, people had already formed a judgment about the Gomez affair but they felt that we had given it too much emphasis and that it became too dominant an issue. In hindsight, this was the case. But at the time when we were involved in the argument, many people were not sure and it was important to have clarity."

SM Goh Chok Tong, too, has great hindsight. Atter Mr Chiam See Tong won Potong Pasir, he said he deserved to win.

The PM is in the same boat. He has said that Hougang MP Low Thia Khiang and Mr Chiam were good men who worked hard!

Lesson for Singaporeans: Don't believe it when the PAP keeps blasting away at the Opposition. Much of what they say may not be true after all!

Thursday, May 11, 2006

Ex-PAP MP in court: what happened to its wonderful psychoanalytical tests?

A former PAP MP of Hong Kah GRC has been hauled before the court over an accusation of professional misconduct in a property case.

Ahmad Khalis Abdul Ghani was found guilty of making a false declaration in a legal document, by a four-man disciplinary committee of the Law Society.

But this story raises more questions than it answers.

First of all, why was this case brought before court only AFTER the elections?

Secondly, why wasn't it reported in The Straits Times before or during the GE.

Thirdly, it gives the lie to the PAP's much-touted screening of candidates.

The PAP always insists that its psychoanalytical tests can weed out unscrupulous people before they are selected to stand as candidates in elections.

MM Lee Kuan Yew, while commenting on the James Gomez case during the elections, boasted about this system, saying people such as James Gomez would have been found out long before he could be nominated.

But here is another example that his wonderful and cherished system has failed. Yet again.

We all know of the numerous cases of PAP ministers and MPs who have been caught short. So we tell the PAP to its face: Get off your moral high horse! Stop talking about defects in other parties when you have your own! You are just as bad as the others!

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Let's make a list of HDB estates that have been upgraded! Let's show
where the PAP has gone badly wrong!

Dear Singapore citizens

Let's make the PAP accountable. Its leaders keep saying they want to be more open and transparent in its dealings with us. But no one knows exactly what criteria the HDB uses to determine which estates need upgrading.

It does not have a publicly available and/or published list that shows when and where the upgrading will be done, how much it will cost and numerous other things. How can this be called an open and transparent government and one that wants to work with Singaporeans?

So I urge all those living in HDB estates to contribute to this list. Let's list every HDB estate that has been upgraded. Please send an email to me ( or click on "comment" at the bottom of this blog and I will compile them into a table on this blog.

Please give me the following information:

1. Name of HDB estate, in particular the block numbers or neighbourhoods
2. What kind of upgrading works have been done
3. When was this done
4. What do residents have to pay

Let's make this list as accurate as possible. Please do not give false information because then the PAP will make this the subject of mockery! For the sake of every Singaporean, please contribute to this list. Please ask all your friends to visit this blog and add to the list.

Thank you very much...

Tuesday, May 09, 2006




Monday, May 08, 2006

Send this petition to the Prime Minister

Dear Singaporeans

The PAP has insisted that it will continue with the policy of giving priority to PAP wards when it comes to upgrading.

We say this is not a just, fair and good policy and call upon the Prime Minister to revoke it.

Several people have suggested that we start an online petition to the Prime Minister to revoke this policy. This blogger has started that petition.

Please go to: and make your voices heard.

Get as many of your friends as possible to sign the petition.

We need at least 10,000 signatories to make this effective.



Dear Prime Minister

Much has been said about uniting Singaporeans of every creed, colour, race and religion after the elections. You and your ministers have said that we are all Singaporeans no matter who we voted for.

We share a common destiny. We share in our failures and in our successes.

Like you, we wish to see Singapore succeed in every good and proper and honourable endeavour. We wish to see our country become a beacon of light for the world to see. We want to show the world that we are a just, fair and open society, not just say we are.

However, we feel that the PAP policy of giving priority to PAP constituencies in the matter of upgrading of HDB estates, is an extremely divisive one. How can my fellow Singaporean, my colleague, my friend or my family members who live in an Opposition ward be denied the same privileges that I have in my constituency?

If we take this policy to its logical conclusion, then we must apply it across the board, and the result will be disastrous.

Upgrading of HDB estates is done with public money, and therefore should be applied fairly and equally for ALL Singaporeans, not just those living in PAP constituencies.

Upgrading should be prioritised according to needs, not according to whether a certain area has voted for a particular political party.

We therefore strongly urge you to revoke this policy for the good of our nation.

If you want every Singaporean to pull together in good times and bad, in success and in failure, then the only right thing to do is to treat each of us fairly, justly and equitably.

A nation divided and disunited by such policies will surely disintegrate. Surely you do not wish to see that, Mr Prime Minister?

Majulah Singapura!

Help publicise this site! Please email all your friends about it! This is the only way we can put pressure on the PAP government.

PAP: Still all talk, no action!

It is with great disappointment that the Prime Minister is still defending the PAP-first policy for upgrading. The day the GE results were known, Mr Lee said we should all unite and move forward, and that Opposition-voting Singaporeans were still pro-Singapore.

But today, he said the policy of upgrading will remain. "Surely the PAP (constituency) cannot be put second. And that's been settled, it's not really been argued or emphasised or re-highlighted but it remains a policy."

How can this be, Mr Lee? How can a policy that divides Singaporeans based on his or her political leanings be considered a just, fair and good policy?

Surely upgrading must be based on needs. Older estates must get priority, just as we replace old for new in our buying habits. There absolutely cannot be priority for PAP wards because, as you yourself said, everyone is a Singaporean!

If you continue to insist on the PAP policy, then we Singaporeans must conclude that your call for an honest, open society is just a lot of hogwash. You must therefore be considered the Prime Minister of only 66.6 per cent of Singaporeans, and not the rest.

If you take your policy to its logical conclusion, then residents of Ang Mo Kio GRC who voted for the Opposition simply cannot seek help from PAP MPs.

How can we work together as Singaporeans when policies such as PAP-first divide us? We call on you once again to remove this policy at once.

Scare-mongering MM. Again!

MM Lee Kuan Yew thinks his old ways of scaring Singaporeans will work with the new generation of voters. I'm sorry to tell him he is wrong.

He told residents of Tanjong Pagar that without a strong government, Singapore would not be able to face up to external challenges, such as the rise of China and India, or a sudden spike in oil prices sparked by a crisis over Iran.

He also insisted that big businesses would not invest in Singapore.

Mr Lee, you need to be more convincing. You may be able to fool the older generation of voters, most of whom were not as well-educated. But who are you trying to kid?

Look at China today. Why is everyone flocking there despite the fact that it is a communist country with rules that are far from being conducive to business?

Google has even censored its site to appease the Chinese. All the big businesses are there despite massive corruption.

You yourself got enticed by the Chinese to invest our billions in Suzhou Industrial Park and failed miserably because you do not know how to handle people smarter and more cunning than you!

Why do businesses go to China or anywhere else? Because they know they can make money.

And what is a strong government, anyway?
Only a PAP one? What crap! So a country with a strong opposition is not a strong country? Come on, Mr Lee, try to be more convincing.

Sunday, May 07, 2006

Time to work together!

It's all over. PAP 82, Opposition 2. It's now time to sit back quietly and reflect on the issues facing all Singaporeans, across all party lines, with a view to the next GE. Let's take stock of all that has happened in the past nine days and see what needs to be done.

One of the best things that The Straits Times has said in all the electioneering is its editorial on Saturday morning that great leaders galvanise the people.

I urge the PAP leaders, in particular the PM, to do so, and the only way to do so is to show impartiality to all Singaporeans, Opposition voters or PAP voters. This is the only way forward. This is the only way to earn the respect of ALL Singaporeans. Division and disunity are the death knell of a nation, no matter how strong it may be today.

The PAP policy of providing upgrading to PAP wards is the most divisive and nastiest piece of PAP policy ever. This is completely unacceptable.

In fact, it may not even be constitutional. The Singapore constitution guarantees equality for everyone, and if the PAP insists on continuing this, I would urge the Opposition to test the constitutionality of such a policy in the High Court.

Singaporeans' money must be used for all Singaporeans, regardless of creed (politics and whatever else), colour, race and religion.

The PAP must repeal its policy now, and immediately upgrade the Opposition wards, which it should have done years ago. These constituencies have now lagged far, far behind others and therefore now deserve priority.

Furthermore, the National Development Minister Mr Mah Bow Tan, and SM Goh have both promised $100 million and $80 million packages for Hougang and Potong Pasir respectively. Please keep your word if you are men of honour and integrity which we know you are.

The GRCs were formed with ONE objective: to ensure seats for minority candidates. We fully support this, but the GRC concept has been manipulated so that they make it more and more difficult for the Opposition.

If the PAP were dead serious about ensuring more minority candidates, it should create more three-member GRCs instead of bigger ones (see article, GRCs' purpose debunked by PAP itself, below).

But more importantly, the bigger GRCs can backfire on the PAP. Given the fact that the PAP's share of the popular vote is about 60 to 65 per cent, there will surely come a time when one or even two GRCs with Opposition parties will beat the PAP.

In one fell swoop, the PAP could suddenly face 10 to 15 Opposition MPs in Parliament.

It is amazing to now hear nice words from the PAP, especially about the Opposition. For example, the PM said: "I want also to continue to encourage open debate on issues because neither the PAP nor the government nor the opposition has all the solutions and answers to problems. But we have enormous talents in Singaporeans. And each has something important to contribute. We should tap and engage this for the good of Singapore."

Rightly said. But during the campaigning, this was never uttered. In fact, it was the contrary, that the Opposition had absolutely nothing to offer, their programmes and ideas were rubbish and their candidates not worthy of representing Singaporeans.

Here's what SM Goh said about Mr Chiam See Tong: "He has put in 22 years of hard work and I was worried if he had to go out defeated, it would be very bad for him. I'm happy for him in a personal way, because I know, having served here for some 20 years, if in one of my elections I were defeated, I think it would be terrible."

We said during the campaigning that Mr Goh is a decent man. But during the campaigning, he made some remarks about Mr Chiam, which were most unworthy of such a man.

I therefore urge the PAP and Opposition parties, particularly the SDA and WP to put aside all malice and work for the common good of Singaporeans.

Furthermore, I say to all the parties that they should refrain from dirty politics such as the PAP has shown and be honest to Singaporeans in future. Let's give credit where credit is due, especially to Mr Low Thia Khiang and Mr Chiam See Tong.

Honest men and women need not bash a fellow Singaporean so he/she can be No. 1. That's not how we, and especially politicians and leaders, should conduct ourselves because it sets a very bad example to all young Singaporeans and bespeaks ill of leaders.

There are many other issues that need to be addressed, but we will leave that to later when the dust has fully settled. Meanwhile, good luck, Singaporeans.